So what do we really look for in a prospective camp counselors?

Understanding Camp is for the Campers

The biggest thing we look for is your love of kids. Are you energized by investing in the next generation of young women? Would you dress up and entertain a cabin or a camp full of girls even if it meant stepping out of your comfort zone? Would you dedicate your time and prioritize the camper experience in your busy schedule by choosing to make one last memory with your cabin? Are you looking for a summer job that capitalizes on your love of kids?

Drive and Initiative

Being a staff member at Carysbrook is hard work; yet the return on investment of your time and dedication is exponential. Whether you are working at the dock, the barn, teaching dance, building fires or comforting a homesick camper, we will ask you take your job seriously and do it well. This means following through even when no one is looking, covering a duty for a friend, and going that extra mile to make every camper feel like they are special and appreciated in our community. It’s all about doing your part as a leader. And you will not believe the exhilaration you will feel after you have stretched yourself to help a camper or fellow staff member.



Leadership and Integrity

Do you have a good sense of self? Do people look up to you as a mentor? Do you believe that you can further develop your abilities through dedication and hard work and that your skills and talents are just the start of exploring your potential? We are looking for leaders who approach life with a can do spirit and a sense of enthusiasm, ready to apply 21st century skills like critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity to everyday life in a community setting. As a youth development professional you will have the opportunity to further develop and hone professional skills to give you the practical experience to be successful in life.

Team Player

Do you respect and want to learn from your peers and supervisors? Are you hoping to work with other leaders who love kids and are willing to uphold the highest ideals to make a positive impact on girls from diverse social, economic and cultural backgrounds? Carysbrook thrives on the collaboration of capable staff working towards the common goal of making a positive impact on the lives of others. This is what stands behind every summer to remember…


And last but not least, do you specialize in good old-fashioned fun? Are you able to take some music, some friends and some props from the drama hut and turn them into a memory? Could you organize an epidemic of wildly contagious fun reinvented? The memories you create at Carysbrook will be the kind that transcend technology and other fancy stuff. You will inspire and be inspired by the simple joys found when you leave “civilization” behind for an uncomplicated lifestyle of a summer outdoors.