Alumnae Spotlight July/August 2013 Travis Giles Schnell Brown-Purple

How did you find out about camp?
I come from a family that has Carysbrook in its blood! The tradition of Carysbrook goes back 3 generations for me.

Describe your first summer
My first summer at camp was 1987! I lived in Finch with some other girls from Norfolk. I loved looking for my mother’s name written in toothpaste in the cabins. Wendy Anderson was my cabin counselor. I remember washing my hair in super cold spickits. I remember how cool it was to try new things that I had never done before. I remember Kathy Baker was my riding instructor. She taught me in importance of not saying “I can’t!” She taught me always to try new things and not give up. I remember working together as a cabin for Air-Rock Concert. In fact, I have so many wonderful memories of my days at Carysbrook as a camper. I loved going on caving trips, I loved hanging out in the hammocks during free time, and I even loved skinny dipping in the lake after taps! The friendships that were created along the way were and are some of the best friendships that I’ve ever had!

Counselor Days
I had quite a few roles in my Seven years on staff! My early counselor days I taught swimming and synchronized swimming. I also taught Canoeing. Other summers I taught Music. My last summer at camp, I was the Programing Director. Ever since my WIT year, I’ve always had a passion for younger children. I lived on Junior row for 5 summers! Mockingbird was my second home! What was incredible was that I was able to continue working with girls that not only was I a CIT with, but girls that I had known since my first summer at camp!

I attended Randolph Macon Woman’s College. I earned a BA in History in 1999. I returned to Virginia Weslyan College in 2002 to complete my teaching certification for and Elementary Education. I taught for 3 years before I became a mom! Now I am excited to be able to share with my daughter the love that I have for camp one day.