Staff Dates & Daily Schedule

Staff Dates

Staff is expected to attend staff orientation June 10-June 17, 2018. Arriving before the campers allows for time to settle in to your activity and cabin, get to know other staff members and complete vital training including Red Cross CPR/First Aid, child development coursework and insight into the traditions and routines specific to Camp Carysbrook. Workers-In-Training are dismissed on August 5, 2018. All other staff is dismissed on August 6, 2018.

Daily Schedule

7:45 a.m.      Reveille
8:10               Flag Raising
8:15               Breakfast
9:00               Cabin Clean-Up

9:30                Activities

12:00 p.m.      Free Time
1:00                 Lunch
2:00                 Rest Hour

3:00                 Activities
5:00                 Free Time
6:00                 Dinner
7:15                 Evening Program
9:30                 Taps