Join Our Team

Camp Carysbrook offers a supportive work environment dedicated to making a significant impact on the lives of young girls and women while learning valuable professional skills like communication, time management and collaboration as a part of a diverse, multi-cultural team. We also offer opportunities for independent study and internships in the academic areas of education, business, outdoor education, communications, psychology or social work.

In your role as both cabin counselor and activity counselor, you will have the opportunity to grow your emotional intelligence and leadership skills to make you more marketable all in a fun, outdoor environment with a team of women dedicated to changing the world as a positive influence for girls 6-16.

All staff members are required to attend staff orientation the week before camp. This is not only an important time to learn about your job but also to get to know fellow staff members. During this time you will be trained in the expectations for your job, the long-standing traditions of Carysbrook and become certified in Red Cross First Aid and CPR.

We recruit the finest staff from around the world. We are a diverse group of both new and returning staff members, former campers and those who wish they could have been! But we all have the same goal and that is to help each camper discover her own abilities, challenge herself to accomplish new goals and experience the rewards of personal growth.

During designated free time, you will enjoy some down time (or at least once per week, you will be on duty so that your colleagues get a shot at some down time) to take care of any pressing matters from the outside of camp or just decompress with other staff. You will have a weekly break of 24 hours in which you can leave camp to grab dinner with friends, go to a movie, shop, or explore the many opportunities of the New River Valley likes hikes, tubing trips, rock climbing, etc. There are always other staff members with “hours off” if you are unsure of how to spend your free time.