Alumnae Spotlight May 2014: Tori Fazio Capeletti Brown-Purple

Tori and Cesa

Tori and Cesa

How did you find out about camp?
Our parents went to a camp fair and they met Toni and BB. I think they liked the idea of the traditional girls’ camp and the location was close enough to DC. I wonder if our parents knew they were making one of the most important choices that would affect us for the rest of our lives.

Describe Your First Summer
1986 I remember being so excited that we were going to stay at camp for the whole summer. My favorite activities were tennis, swimming, and riding. I really like that the only activities that were scheduled were swimming and riding lessons. I liked the freedom to go to different activities when I wanted to. I think this helped developed the strong sense of independence that so many of my camp friends still have today.

Counselor Days
1994-2002 My home away from home was the Rifle Range. I worked there as a WIT and counselor, and I was head of the range for a few summers. I carry the experiences from camp with me everyday. This is where I learned that anything boys can do, girls can do! I also learned that with focus, practice, and commitment, I can achieve my goals and get to the next level. I learned that it’s ok to be silly and it’s ok to be silent sometimes and just think. Camp provided me the opportunity to make friends from around the world. I know wherever I go, I’m close by to someone I know from camp. Camp friends are for life. Five of the six girls that were bridesmaids in my wedding are camp friends.

Education and Professional Life
I graduated from Georgetown University with a degree in Foreign Service and I have a Masters in Instructional Technology. I have been teaching middle school for eleven years and I credit camp for so many of my teaching skills, ideas, and classroom management. Camp was a place where people cared about each other and helped each other learn and grow as much as possible. I try to create the same atmosphere in my class. Everyone is equal and everyone deserves the chance to try.