Alumnae Spotlight February 2013 Cesa Fazio 1986 – 2004 Green – Purple

How did you find out about camp?
We lived in DC and my parents met Toni and BB at a camp fair. They instantly knew Carysbrook was something special.

Describe Your First Summer
Made lots of friends and learned how to be one. Learned to build a one match fire and how to roast the perfect marshmallow. At eight years old I’m sure I was pretty rambunctious.
Colleen and Dimple were my first counselors in Mockingbird. Lake Catherine was and is still my favorite place in camp. Ashley Parker was my first team captain… 1986!! Go Green! Tori was on the brown team!

Counselor Days
When we were CITs we got to try out working at different activities. And of course I ended up at the dock! And that was my home every summer for the next 10+ summers. I was head of the dock and head counselor for a few summers, and when the time came when I couldn’t spend the whole summer at camp, somehow I made it back to Riner for a birthday visit!

Without camp I wouldn’t be who I am today. I still have my quote book that I started as a camper…. I remember being so excited to write down a new poem that Toni read at campfire or the new sayings of the summer! My favorite camp song is “I Know a Place.”

One of the most important lessons I think about all the time is to make sure that people always feel included. Everyone is the same.

After graduating from the University of Florida with a BS in advertising with a minor in Spanish, I worked in advertising for a little bit but I knew that I wanted to work with kids, so I started teaching elementary school 10 years ago. Every day I am reminded of something I learned at Carysbrook. And when my students are humming a camp song that I’ve taught them, I sit back and think of that little place we call camp.

As a counselor I learned that every person on the team is essential to the success of the team. I am currently the team leader for 5th grade at my school and being a counselor at camp taught me to work will many different personalities and to find the good in each person. Camp taught me to be reliable and responsible.