Announcement: Transfer of Ownership of Camp Carysbrook


A Message from the Baughmans:

“After almost 40 years operating Camp Carysbrook we have sold the business to Colleen Hagan Egl, former Carysbrook director, counselor and camper. Carysbrook will always be part of our family and we are happy to turn the reins over to a woman who shares our love of camp and empowering girls.”

Rachel Gannaway, Laura Devereux, and Sarah Baughman

A Message from Colleen Hagan Egl:

“I am forever indebted to Rachel, Laura, and Sarah for trusting me to carry on this legacy. Working with these amazing women who have been both my childhood and adult mentors as well as friends has been one of the highlights of my time at camp.

Please be assured that there will be no change to the management, policies, and most importantly the mission and philosophy of Camp Carysbrook. We will ensure that Camp Carysbrook will continue to sustain the reputation and standing built over the years, by delivering to you the same quality camp experience and customer service that you have come to expect. I intend to operate Camp Carysbrook with my proven dedication and long-standing experience in the camp industry.

This past fall I stepped down as the Director of Camp Carysbrook to allow the leadership talent I had been curating to bloom. There has been nothing quite as rewarding as seeing Erika Schlichter thrive in building a successful summer to remember in her own right. I am thrilled to operate Camp Carysbrook with someone as talented and committed as Erika in the role of Director.

I believe that we still live in a time where many of the same obstacles for women persist long past our founding in 1923 as well as a host of modern issues affecting women, making Camp Carysbrook a more crucial experience than ever for young women to explore the possibility of personal success in the world in which we live and to develop the leadership skills to navigate their own journeys. Over the years I have witnessed the power of women mentoring women, the value of traditions unique to Camp Carysbrook, and the way in which this camp continues to shape and mold the Carysbrook experience to fit the diverse needs of women from around the world.

My vision is that Camp Carysbrook continues to be the panacea for developing strong, authentic, curious, connected young women. I look forward to preserving the history of Camp Carysbrook while being nimble enough to continue to grow the experience to meet the needs of our campers and staff in accordance with the legacies of the Prestons and Baughmans. The community at Camp Carysbrook is at the heart of each summer to remember, and we are committed to continuing to earn your trust while making memories to last a lifetime.”